Is Rod Tame a True Gay?


Picture it.. a cold winter’s night in 1998… a naive, handsome, young man leaves his student house in Bradford and makes his way across the Pennines to Manchester’s fabled Canal Street where he hopes to be swept off his feet by a knight in shining armour (as I said, he was VERY naive). Instead of that he finds himself stood outside a club crying “DON’T SHUT THAT DOOR! I AM GAY!!”

And it goes downhill from there…. before getting better again….

The set “Is Rod Tame a True Gay?” has been performed at Manchester’s Bad Language night, at Sale Waterside Arts Centre, at various venues in Washington DC and at the historic Stonewall Inn as part of New York Pride. It has been performed twice in front of over 100 people at The Lowry Theatre.

Rod Tame is a man accused. A man accused of being… a rubbish gay! He doesn’t even know what that means! Through a series of poems, interspersed with witty banter and use of a living gay-scale (his love of a strawberry daiquiri at one end, real ale and coving at the other), he examines this outrageous charge.

Performing at The Stonewall Inn in New York during Pride

Quotes about me and this set:

“Poems about being a rubbish gay, or the infinitely worse stigma of Being From Kent… Rod Tame has a lovely style, confident but approachable. A pleasure to watch.” – Jo Bell (poet)

His set… is very funny, but it feels honest, heartfelt, self-deprecating and reflective…. Tame’s final poem, a love poem to his partner, is really beautiful and an uplifting end to the first half of the show.” – Laura Maley, The Public Reviews (Read the full review here)

I don’t like poetry but I really enjoyed it”, “Very thought provoking and interesting but also so entertaining” – Students at Oxford University

“… emotively toyed between comedy, despair and underlying socio-political themes” – Large Manchester review for An Evening with Dominic Berry and Rod Tame (Not Part Of Festival 2011)

Rod… you are a rubbish gay” – Rod’s work colleague Chris

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