His set… is very funny, but it feels honest, heartfelt, self-deprecating and reflective…. Tame’s final poem, a love poem to his partner, is really beautiful and an uplifting end to the first half of the show.” – Laura Maley, The Public Reviews (Review of Working Verse – Amateur Thematics night January 2012. Read the full review here)

Rod Tame’s material was very strong in both rounds, and I suspect would have been amongst the strongest of the evening on the page.” – Gary Longden, Behind the arras (Review of Bilston Love Slam, February 2012. Read the full review here)

Rod Tame on his inner drag queen Baby Love who he never quite has the confidence to release was equally emotive, fun and adorable.” – James Webster, Sabotage website (Review of Bang Said The Gun 03/11/11. Read the full review here.)

“… an embracing theatrical performance by Rod Tame of his works Most-Haunted and Drag Queen. Both performed with a comedic element which kept the gay ambience and the audience giggling and hanging onto every word. He jumped here and there, pointed to and fro, and kept me listening intently with a great big Cheshire cat grin. I wanted to hear more!” – Monica Mistry, Arts in Leicestershire website (Review of Dominic Berry’s book launch at The Red Tent Bar. Read the full review here.)

“Poems about being a rubbish gay, or the infinitely worse stigma of Being From Kent… Rod Tame has a lovely style, confident but approachable. A pleasure to watch.” – Jo Bell (poet)

I don’t like poetry but I really enjoyed it”, “Very thought provoking and interesting but also so entertaining” – Students at Oxford University

“… emotively toyed between comedy, despair and underlying socio-political themes” – Large Manchester review for An Evening with Dominic Berry and Rod Tame (Not Part Of Festival 2011)

Great stuff” – Patrick Macnee (yes, PATRICK ‘JOHN STEED’ MACNEE!!!), commenting on my Trusty Steed poem on his website