Strange World Odd People


Never a dull moment in Rod’s company, keeping us entertained, with his comical, witty & sarcastic banter….  There were roars of laughter and smiles from his audience as he explored the world of science fiction with great joy, making it fun and adventurous…. Geek chic! An amazing experience that is truly enjoyable.” – Marvin Herron, Manchester Fringe reviewer. Read the full review here.

A one-man show that had its first outing as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2013. Returning as part of the 2-week Who@50 festival in Manchester during November.


Rod Tame invites you into his happy place to celebrate the importance of cult TV and geekdom! Includes references to classics such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Quantum Leap  and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman….  hmm, maybe not all classics.

This show contains mild peril, scenes of unexpected lust and some strong language – CORKS!

Rod in Strange World Odd People

Rod in Strange World Odd People

Reactions to the show:

masculine poetic brilliance from Rod. His show brilliantly ignites the fantasy that turns us into social heroes!”.  – Tuheen Huda, writer, actor and director.

Seeing Rod Tame’s Strange World Odd People brought me back to a place of acceptance I hadn’t been for a while. Publicly declaring my ‘geekdom’ isn’t something I’ve ever felt terribly comfortable doing, nor have I rationalised it as necessary (patently obvious as it may be to onlookers). But Rod’s charming delivery and welcoming, familiar narratives successfully created that space, and with good reason. It’s right that we should all feel able to like what we like, look how we want to look and essentially, to live in a world without fear of petty recrimination and bullying. That’s an important message told through the magical prisms of poetry, sci-fi fan conventions, embarrassing celebrity encounters and lego. An unassuming pleasure.” – John Leyland, Blank Media Collective Director & Editor-in-Chief